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Led lighting of Valoya in a greenhouse
Led lighting by Valoya to optimize plant
Led lighting by Valoya in a greenhouse

GREENHOUSE application

Urban greenhouse CMF realization in Nantes


LED lighting solutions

CMF, present in the whole of your projects

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adapted to your needs
Ornamental plants 
Improvement of the plant physiology and flowering control. 

CMF choose 

Applied and University Research
LED lighting on diversified crop and biotechnology.  
Field crops
Mechanical system to follow your crop's evolution and enhance the photosynthetic activity
A complete process
From plant growth area (seedling/vernalization) to the  production greenhouse (fruit/seed)

CMF cultures support you in your artificial lighting project dedicate to plants. It is very much recommended for seedlings, young plants, leafy vegetables, fruit vegetables, cereals, ornamental plants.

This new partnership allow CMF to offer you complete and efficient solutions. Search, culture, experimentation, we do all we can to better meet your needs and offer you turnkey results.

LABORATORY application

Technical sheet
A new partnership
A complete offer
The optimization of your cultures 
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